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We’re an odd kind of website. We are small and we are modest, but so was Gianfranco Zola and that never held him back.

You will not find any news here because, frankly, the newspapers do it far better. Nor will you find booming opinion columns on the issues of the day, because everyone does booming opinion columns on the issues of the day. Those searching for conjecture, speculation, gossip, heatmaps and articles entitled “39 players that Brendan Rodgers might buy in the next transfer window,” will also leave empty handed.

So what will we offer you in this crowded marketplace? Well, three things, really: Incisive interviews with figures from football’s past and present; first hand reports on issues that have caught our eye, timeless features and reviews of practically anything football related that we can get our hands on.

In short, we’ll get people who are good at stuff to do stuff what they’re good at.

Perhaps the greatest accolade a site of this kind can hope to land is the knowledge that someone, somewhere just got into trouble with their boss because they spent too long on the toilet reading something on their smartphone. It is to this glory that we aspire.

Iain Macintosh

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